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May 2014 Archives

Real Estate Encroachment Disputes

Buffington Law Firm's real estate litigation attorneys have dealt with numerous real estate encroachment disputes in recent years.  Real estate encroachment disputes usually occur between owners of adjoining property parcels when one owner begins treating part of their neighbor's property as his or her own. Perhaps they fence in a portion of your property.  In other cases we have seen situations in which a neighbor constructed a road or driveway on neigboring property and started using it.  Such cases tend to be emotional and usually require legal expertise to resolve.

Cost Management in Business Litigation and Trust Litigation

In our three practice areas, business litigation, trust litigation, and real estate litigation, cost-benefit considerations are always paramount.  Whether we are defending our client against such a lawsuit, or bringing a lawsuit to enforce our client's rights, cost always has to be a factor.  Few clients have unlimited litigation budgets; nor should they.

Business Litigation and Commerical Arbitration: Part 3

Buffington Law Firm's Orange County business trial lawyers have extensive experience in the use of commercial arbitration as an alternative business litigation venue.  There are many advantages and disadvantages to the decision to use arbitration, and we discussed these in some detail in last week's Blog.  In this week's article we will discuss the actual selection of an arbitrator. 

Part 2: Business Litigation -- Arbitration or Superior Court Trial?

In last week's Blog article we discussed the nature of arbitration and briefly touched upon some of the pros and cons of arbitration as an alternative to litigating a business litigation case in State or Federal Court.  In this follow-up article we will discuss the pros and cons of arbitration at greater length.

Attorney-Client Privilege in a Free Legal Consultation

When a potential new client consults with one of Buffington Law Firm's business and trust trial lawyers, attorney-client privilege always attaches to the meeting.  In this brief Blog article we will discuss why attorney-client privilege is so important when you are confronted with a business dispute or serious trust or real estate dispute issue.

Business Litigation: Arbitration or a Superior Court Trial?

In business litigation, or trust or real estate litigation, the decision whether to Arbitrate a case, or instead try the case in Superior Court, is one of the most critical decisions that a party can make.  In this series of Blog articles I will discuss some of the factors involved in making this decision, and the advantages and disadvantages of Arbitration versus an ordinary Trial.

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