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Orange County Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

At Buffington Law Firm, our Orange County Real Estate litigation attorneys are focused on achieving successful outcomes for a broad spectrum of real estate disputes. If you have a commercial or residential real estate dispute, we invite you to call us for a free legal consultation in which you can discuss your case directly with a qualified real estate litigation attorney.

Conflicts are frustrating in any circumstance. When a conflict affects your legal rights in any real estate issue, our firm is prepared to take action on your behalf to protect your interests. Buffington Law Firm, PC, is a litigation-focused law firm representing individuals and businesses in any real estate litigation case. We combine experience and knowledge with cost-effective services to benefit our clients.

Learn more about our California real estate litigation practice below.

  • Commercial and ownership disputes: We handle property ownership disputes of all varieties. These cases may involve family members, business owners, real estate sales and purchases, landlords and tenants, etc. We are equipped to handle it all.
  • Real estate nondisclosure: Real estate transactions require many disclosures about property titles, liens, defects and other issues. We assist clients with litigation arising out of nondisclosure of these items, helping them achieve the best possible resolutions.
  • Homeowner association matters: Our Orange County real estate litigation attorneys have significant experience resolving any issues involving homeowner associations. We represent individual homeowners as well as the associations.
  • Tree cutting disputes: Conflict between neighbors is common, especially regarding the issue of tree cutting, trimming, damage, removal and other actions. Understand your rights and options by consulting our firm today.
  • Trespass and nuisance: To live and work peacefully among others, we must effectively deal with common legal issues that arise. Trespass to property and nuisance encompass a broad range of circumstances. We will help you understand what your legal rights and options are and take action necessary to meet your goals.
  • Other real estate disputes: Since 1998, we have led the way for our clients in all types of real estate litigation, including boundary disputes, easements, covenants, business fraud and more. Rest assured whatever your issue, we have the knowledge and strategy to help solve it.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Serving Irvine, Newport Beach And All Of Orange County

Every client is entitled to a free consultation. The initial call is free and if an in-office meeting is scheduled, that too is free of charge. This is your opportunity to decide if you wish to hire us. We are confident you will.

Contact us at 714-450-6568 or toll free at 800-835-2447 to speak with one of our experienced lawyers today. Spanish language services are available. We are accessible via the freeway throughout Orange County.