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Unfair Competition

At Buffington Law Firm, our team of business litigation attorneys is experienced in handling Unfair Competition claims in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

“Unfair Competition” and “Unfair Business Practices” refer to certain types of business practices in which one business unfairly competes in the marketplace. California Business and Profession Codes Sections 17200 et seq. and 17000 et seq. enumerate certain of these practices. Our Firm’s business litigation attorneys have frequently handled cases dealing with many kinds of Unfair Business Practices and obtained legal remedies for our clients.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information by Former Employees. Sometimes employees of a business will resign, and take with them a company’s confidential customer list, trade secrets of one kind or another such as manufacturing techniques, or the like. Soon the former employees are using this information that your business developed at great effort and cost, to compete against you. Under California law, this may constitute Unfair Competition and you likely have legal remedies. If your business is faced with this kind of Unfair Competition, Buffington Law Firm‘s business litigation attorneys can help. Our business litigation lawyers are experienced in both bringing lawsuits to stop this kind of unfair competition as well as defending companies or individuals who are wrongfully accused of engaging in Unfair Competition.

Deceitfully Similar Products and Services. Sometimes a competitor will deliberately market their goods in a way to confuse the public into thinking that their products and services are really those of a better-known competitor. This can involve deceitfully similar packaging, logos, confusingly similar business names, and the like. At Buffington Law Firm, PC, our business litigation attorneys have handled many cases involving this sort of conduct and we have often been successful in causing the Court to issue an Injunction to stop these activities. This can also result in monetary compensation to you, and even attorney’s fees under some circumstances.

Violation of Non-Competition Agreements. Agreements between a company and its former owners preventing the former owners from competing against the company are usually enforceable in California. Our business litigation team has handled many cases involving non-compete clauses deriving from purchase and sale contracts. There are other forms of non-competition agreements that may or may not be enforceable. If you are trying to enforce a non-compete clause, or if someone is trying to enforce a non-compete agreement against you, our business attorneys can help advise you and deal with the problem. Our experienced business litigation attorneys have had great success over the years, in Court and other legal forums, dealing with Unfair Competition claims of this sort.

These are some of the most common form of Unfair Competition – there are many others. If you or your business are involved in any legal claim of this type, or need to bring one, call us at 714-450-6568 and you can speak to an experienced business litigation trial attorney at no charge, and likely set up a follow-up office free consultation. Our business litigation team will evaluate your situation and recommend a legal strategy.