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Employment Disputes

Orange County Employment Litigation Attorneys – Contact us if you have a problem involving an employment claim. We always provide a free legal consultation with one of our experienced Orange County employment litigation attorneys to determine if we can help solve your problem.

Wage and Workplace Rights Claims

At Buffington Law Firm, our Orange County employment attorneys have extensive experience litigating employee wage and hour claims, cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination claims, and other workplace disputes. We have repeatedly negotiated successful outcomes for our clients in cases concerning these types of employment claims. Our litigation attorneys are skilled negotiators who are also prepared to litigate an employment case before the labor board, in Superior Court, or before arbitration forums. Buffington Law Firm‘s Orange County employment litigation attorneys have a proven track record of achieving results in the full spectrum of cases involving employment and workplace rights claims.

Severance and Employment Contract Issues

Buffington Law Firm‘s employment attorneys are experienced in handling executive and employment severance matters, negotiation of contracts concerning senior executives, and other matters related to employment contracts. Our Firm’s Managing Attorney was a senior corporate executive himself, who served as an officer of several large national and California corporations. This experience gives our team unique insights concerning cases involving executive compensation and contractual issues. Buffington Law Firm has successfully represented both companies and executives in matters related to executive compensation and severance.

Corporate Counselor Program for Employment Issues

Buffington Law Firm provides numerous California employers with comprehensive employment and labor law advice through its Corporate Counselor Program. The Program allows employers to have immediate access to Buffington Law Firm‘s California employment law attorneys to receive advice concerning employee disputes and issues for an economical fixed monthly fee.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition Involving Employees

Buffington Law Firm is very experienced in both negotiating and litigating cases involving employee misappropriation of trade secrets, problems involving customer lists, and other forms of Unfair Competition involving disputes between companies and present or former employees.