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Orange County Trust Litigation Lawyers

If you are involved in a conflict concerning a will, trust or estate, Buffington Law Firm, PC, can assist. Our Orange County law firm focuses exclusively on litigation, combining effective dispute resolution with successful trial advocacy. We represent California clients and those seeking local counsel here concerning any estate litigation matter.

Will And Trust Disputes

Will and trust contests occur for many reasons and involve all types of clients. From individual beneficiaries and heirs, to national charities, universities and other entities, our attorneys have a long and successful record on all sides of litigation. Most often, the center of the dispute is the validity of a will, codicil, trust or trust amendment, which could involve issues such as:

  • Competency
  • Undue influence
  • Fraud

Whatever the reason for the will, trust or inheritance dispute, legal protection is essential. Our team of Orange County trust litigation attorneys has the skills, knowledge and years of experience necessary to pursue and obtain successful results. Learn more information about the ABCs of estate litigation by contacting our office today.

Litigation Involving Trustees And Executors

Apart from contesting the validity of a will or trust, we regularly handle disputes concerning the action or inaction of a trustee or executor. These legally appointed persons are charged with administering a trust or an estate and carrying out all the required duties according to the law.

Buffington Law Firm, PC, represents parties on both sides of these cases:

  • Heirs and beneficiaries concerned about improper administration by the trustees. We assist clients in investigating and bringing claims against trustees for misappropriating trust assets, improper distributions, failure to provide accountings and breach of their fiduciary duties. Over our 15 years in practice, we have held trustees accountable in settlement and in trial, forcing them to reimburse stolen funds and obtaining fees and penalties.
  • Trustees and executors under fire. A trustee accused of improper actions in administering his or her duties needs legal protection. Whether there was wrongful conduct or not, it is important to protect your rights and understand your legal options.

Estate Litigation Attorneys Serving Irvine, Newport Beach and All of Orange County

Every client is entitled to a free consultation. The initial call is free and if an in-office meeting is scheduled, that too is free of charge. This is your opportunity to decide if you wish to hire us. We are confident you will.

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