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Free Legal Consultation

Buffington Law Firm, PC, always offers a free consultation before taking a case.

Question: What happens at my free consultation with a lawyer and how does it work?

When people first contact a lawyer to discuss a legal problem their first fear is that “the meter is running” as soon as the conversation with the lawyer begins. At Buffington Law Firm this is never the case. You are always entitled to a free consultation with an actual attorney before you make a decision whether to retain us as your lawyers.  To be clear, a free consultation can consist of anything from a brief telephone conversation to several preliminary discussions.  However, you will never be billed until you have formally agreed that your relationship with the firm is on such a basis.

The “free consultation” process generally starts with a telephone call. When you call our Firm, you will always speak with an actual experienced attorney about your legal problem. There is never any charge for this telephone call. If it appears that you have a problem that we can help you with, usually the next step is to arrange for a prompt, in-the-office meeting, which is also part of the free consultation. Alternatively, sometimes we will simply continue matters by telephone or by Zoom, as may be appropriate for the circumstances.  Either way, we will examine your legal problem in more detaill and try to give you a chance to know us better. The purpose of the meeting is to answer two questions: 1) do you have a legal problem that we can help you with? and 2) do you wish to retain us as your attorneys? At this meeting we can usually determine a proposed legal strategy and give you our recommended approach to the problem. There is never any obligation, and after the meeting you are more than welcome to think it over back at your home or office before making any decisions.

The solution to most legal problems begins with our “free consultation” process, and you have nothing to lose except for your legal problem. You should also take a look at our articles “What To Do If You Think You Have A Legal Claim” , “What To Do If You Are Being Sued” and “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) .