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Pursuing Accountability For Financial Elder Abuse

How could they? 

At first, it was unfathomable. Surely this must be a silly mistake. There must be a reasonable explanation. Would someone really take advantage of an elder person’s trust and rob them blind like that?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and your loved one is not alone.

At Buffington Law Firm, PC, we represent the victims of financial elder abuse. We can help you pursue financial compensation on behalf of your elderly loved one or their estate. Whether your case needs to be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or court action, we are the attorneys you want looking out for your loved one’s interests.

What Constitutes Financial Elder Abuse?

Financial elder abuse is defined by The California Welfare and Institutions Code as a situation in which someone takes, secretes, appropriates, obtains or retains the property of an elder for wrongful use and/or with intent to defraud. This also applies to individuals who assist with the fraud or use undue influence to perpetrate the fraud.

Abuse can take many forms, including:

  • A trusted caretaker conveying an elder’s financial assets or real estate assets as their own.
  • A trusted person or family member abusing their position of trust, using their signatory authority to take money from an elder’s account beyond what is necessary to pay the elder’s bills.
  • There are many forms of financial elder abuse.

If you suspect financial elder abuse, it is important to seek legal advice. We can examine the situation and help you determine whether legal action is appropriate. When it comes to financial elder abuse, it is far better to speak up and be safe than to stay quiet and be sorry. There is little to no financial risk to you, as California law provides for damages and attorney’s fees in the event of elder abuse.

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