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Business Litigation Appeals

An unfavorable ruling in a trial does not necessarily close a legal matter. Under some circumstances it may be advantageous to mount an appeal, seeking to have the original court decision remanded or overturned.

At Buffington Law Firm, PC, we handle business litigation appeals for clients in Orange County and throughout California. Our attorneys can help you explore your legal options and provide you with the strong appellate representation you need.

If you believe that you need to appeal an unfavorable trial ruling, speed is essential. Most appellate deadlines are strict and short. If you believe you have an appellate case, you should contact us immediately.

Our Appellate Practice

Not every adverse ruling leaves the door open for an appeal. In order to proceed with an appeal there should be sufficient grounds, which may include:

  • Errors in admitting or excluding evidence
  • Procedural errors
  • Errors in applying and interpreting the law

Our lawyers possess the qualities necessary for a successful appellate practice: knowledge of the law, precise attention to detail and strong written and oral advocacy skills. We are skilled at drafting appellate briefs and arguing before appellate judges.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, we can resort to the appellate court for emergency relief. We handle appeals for existing clients and clients referred to us from other law firms.

Business Litigation Appeal Attorneys In Orange County

If you are engaged in a business partnership dispute or wish to discuss your legal options as a potential dispute emerges, our law firm is here to protect your rights and interests. Contact us at 714-450-6568 or toll free at 800-835-2447 to speak with one of our knowledgeable business litigation appeal lawyers in Orange County.