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Corporate Governance Disputes

At Buffington Law Firm, our team of experienced corporate and business litigation attorneys can help you with a wide spectrum of corporate governance matters. Our business trial attorneys have handled many disputes and lawsuits in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and throughout the state. If your corporation, limited liability company (“LLC”) or partnership is experiencing disputes between owners, our business attorneys can represent you personally, or represent you and your business as appropriate. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced business litigation attorneys at 714-450-6568.

Our litigation team can draw on a wealth of business background and experience to solve your corporate problems. The Firm’s Managing Attorney, Roger J. Buffington, has been a corporate officer in major state and national corporations and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive status) in the State of California. Two members of our staff hold Master of Business Administration degrees. This background and experience gives us a unique perspective as litigators to aggressively represent our clients’ interests. Our attorneys’ experience profiles may be accessed here.

Corporate Governance Disputes and Stockholder Disputes. In small and medium sized Corporations or Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”), or Limited or General Partnerships, it is not uncommon for disputes among the stockholders and owners to occur. Buffington Law Firm’s team of experienced corporate attorneys can assist you if you or your business are involved in disputes of this type. Our business attorneys are skilled and experienced at dealing with various kinds of stockholder and owner disputes. Sometimes the majority stockholders act unfairly towards a minority stockholder, in which case legal remedies are appropriate. Sometimes a minority stockholder makes demands and creates discord (or a lawsuit) necessitating legal action and an aggressive response. In either scenario, our experienced business litigation attorneys can represent and guide you through these problems.

Even if you are not in the midst of a dispute at the moment, Buffington Law Firm‘s Corporate Counselor Program can provide your business with the guidance it needs to avoid future disputes and prevent small disputes from turning into lawsuits. Buffington Law Firm has served as advisor and outside counsel for numerous Orange County and Los Angeles County businesses, as well as to major universities and national charities. Our article on the Corporate Counselor program may be accessed here.

In small businesses the owners may owe one another fiduciary duties, and it is easy for disputes to result in lawsuits. In these types of business disputes it is very important that you retain an experienced business litigation attorney to represent you and protect your rights. Do not hesitate to contact us at 714-450-6568 for a free consultation with an experienced corporate litigation attorney.