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Corporate Counselor Program

Buffington Law Firm, PC – Experienced Business and Real Estate Litigation Attorneys Serving Orange County, Los Angeles County, and throughout Southern California.

Our firm always offers a free consultation if you think that you may have a legal problem. Call us today at 714-450-6568 to speak with an experienced business litigation attorney.

The Buffington Law Firm Corporate Counselor Program is an economical way for the small and medium-size business to manage its legal costs. For a modest monthly fee, Corporate Counselor Program clients have essentially unlimited access to our business, real estate, and employment attorneys for such common legal tasks as demand letters, contract reviews, employment law matters, and for discussions and advice concerning a wide range of legal problems and issues.

Our attorneys are experienced business litigation and breach of contract attorneys who can help your company avoid employment issues and unfairly drafted contracts. Two members of our staff hold Master in Business Administration degrees and the Firm’s managing attorney, Roger J. Buffington is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Mr. Buffington has served as a corporate financial executive with major California and national businesses. His biography and qualifications can be found here. The Firm’s Practice Areas are discussed here.

The Corporate Counselor Program can help your business avoid litigation by ensuring that the contracts that your company enters into will protect you from common litigation traps. This is discussed in our article: “Breach of Contract Litigation-Avoid These Pitfalls!” available here. Many and perhaps most business litigation and breach of contract lawsuits result from an unfair or carelessly drafted contract. Often the contract that is offered to you for signing was drafted by the other side’s business attorney for their benefit, not yours. No company should sign such a contract without having their own attorney review it. Our Corporate Counselor Program allows you to negotiate contracts with the largest companies as an equal. Once a contract deteriorates into a lawsuit our breach of contract and business litigation attorneys can protect your rights. But the Corporate Counselor Program is an effective way to avoid a breach of contract lawsuit altogether by having your attorney review the contract for your benefit before your company signs it.

Some members of the Corporate Counselor Program have reported to us that their insurance rates were reduced because they were able to vouch that their company had all contracts reviewed by an attorney before signing through the Corporate Counselor Program. Insurance companies know that this can help your company can avoid expensive legal problems.

Similarly, the Corporate Counselor Program can help your business avoid employment-related legal problems. California law presents challenges for employers, to put it mildly. Our experienced business attorneys can help guide you through matters such as the termination of problem employees, avoiding wage and hour issues, and other employment matters.

The Corporate Counselor Program enables the small and medium-size business to retain legal expertise on a par with larger competitors at a small business price that represents a considerable discount of the Firm’s normal billing rates. Retaining the services and advice of a full-service business law firm “upfront” can enable a business to avoid legal pitfalls and lawsuits.

If you would like to discuss the Corporate Counselor Program or discuss retaining our Firm for any purpose, you are entitled to a free consultation where you will speak to an experienced business litigation attorney at no charge. Call 714-450-6568 and speak with us!