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Homeowner Association Matters

If you are involved in a dispute with a Homeowner’s Association, or if you are a Homeowner’s Association seeking litigation and trial counsel, you can contact our Buffington Law Firm, PC, at 714-450-6568 for a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Buffington Law Firm real estate and business litigation attorneys are experienced in handling disputes, problems, and lawsuits involving Orange County and Southern California Homeowner’s Associations (“HOAs”). Our Firm has represented homeowners in disputes with HOAs, and we have also represented HOAs as their corporate counsel. Our Managing Attorney, Roger J. Buffington, has served on the Board of Directors and as President of a large Orange County Homeowner’s Association and has an extensive business and real estate background. This experience gives our firm a unique perspective in representing clients in the context of HOA disputes.

Homeowner’s Associations, particularly in Orange County, are very powerful and in some developments they function almost as a quasi-government. This can be a good thing, where HOAs enforce reasonable building and aesthetic standards, and function to keep the neighborhood well-maintained. But sometimes problems arise. Sometimes a “faction” will get elected to an HOA board with a hidden agenda that involves unfair treatment to some homeowners, or which favors some homeowners over others. Sometimes an HOA refuses to protect views or other property interests that the CC&Rs and governing documents specifically require it to protect. For most families their home and property is their most valuable asset. A “renegade” or improperly-run HOA can seriously undermine the value of your investment.

Some HOAs, led by activist Boards of Directors, deliberately embroil homeowners in lawsuits. While the HOA can draw on considerable resources to pay its legal bills, lawsuits with HOAs can be a serious financial burden for a homeowner. Our litigation attorneys can provide cost-effective and aggressive representation to homeowners who are faced with a lawsuit against an HOA. We have repeatedly achieved successful outcomes for our clients in lawsuits involving HOAs. In some circumstances the HOA can be compelled to reimburse your legal fees.

Buffington Law Firm also represents HOAs when they seek litigation counsel. Many law firms which act as advisors to HOAs are not primarily litigation attorneys. At Buffington Law Firm we are business litigation attorneys, and we have experience acting as outside litigation counsel for HOAs and other organizations.

If you have an issue with an HOA, or need litigation counsel, you can call 714-450-6568 to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced litigation attorneys.