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Importance of a Lawyer In Trust Disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Trust Disputes

After a loved one passed in your family, the last thing you expected was to end up in a dispute with your family members. However, it happens and it happens all too often. While you may have thought optimistically at first, that the issue would be resolved within the family, it has grown to the point where one or more family members has threatened legal action. You are afraid that if you get your own attorney, it could escalate things. However, if there is a trust dispute you are already in an escalated situation.

Protect yourself with litigation counsel now.

Many people think an attorney is only necessary if you are in an accident or you are facing criminal charges. But this is far from the truth. Some of the most complex litigation issues are those involving trust disputes. From undue influence, competency and fraud accusations, these are difficult cases. A seasoned trust litigation attorney can navigate through California probate law and help advocate for your best interests as a beneficiary.

Furthermore, sometimes it is best to bring in attorneys to save family dynamics from taking over a dispute. Keeping the legal issues strictly between legal professionals can help limit any more unnecessary confrontations between family members.

If you were named the executor or trustee and find yourself under fire, this is also the time to get litigation representation. When a trust dispute has gotten to the point where it heads to the courtroom, the experienced litigators at Buffington Law Firm, PC, can help you. With a reputation for successful trial advocacy, we encourage you to seek litigation counsel for your trust dispute.