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August 2016 Archives

Choosing To Litigate vs. Mediate Your Real Estate Dispute

You find yourself involved in a dispute over your property, and you want a resolution that will maintain and enforce your ownership rights. You've heard that many people choose mediation over litigation and you're wondering if that's the right option for your situation. While an attempt to negotiate is almost always a good first step, there are reasons why litigation may be necessary to obtain the outcome you want. To understand why, you first need a working knowledge of the difference between mediation and litigation.

Financial Elder Abuse Claims -- A Pitfall for the Innocent Unwary

Financial Elder Abuse claims have become increasingly common in California.  Buffington Law Firm's litigation team has handled numerous cases involving allegations of Financial Elder Abuse.  These claims are a growing area of law in California.

Enforceability of non-competition agreements in California

Non-competition agreements between employers and employees are common in business. For instance, non-compete agreements may put strict limitations on competition within the same geographic area or may restrict a former employee from using the company's client lists. Such agreements are designed to safeguard the company from competition through, for example, the sharing of trade secrets and confidential data by former employees and the loss of other assets that are valuable to the business. The theft by an employee of trade secrets of his or her former employer could form the basis for a legal claim of violation of the non-compete agreement. Some states enforce trade secret protection. California does so only if the business is able to prove that these trade secrets are, in fact, proprietary. However, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise over whether the non-compete agreement is legally binding and enforceable. Indeed, the scope and legal applicability of non-compete agreements has become an increasingly contentious issue in recent years.

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