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Resolving a dispute with a real estate agent

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Real Estate Litigation

If you are a real estate entrepreneur, it is likely that a large part of your work and your livelihood depends on the services of real estate agents. You will need to cooperate with them when buying and selling homes, and you’ll likely pay them a commission for the work that they do. Loyalty is key in these types of relationships: If a real estate agent does a good job, you’ll likely want to work with them again.

If you’ve recently become involved in a dispute with a real estate agent, you may have lost financial damages as a result of their action or inaction. You’ll, of course, be feeling frustrated by this, and you may have a reason to believe that a breach of contract has occurred. Managing this situation can be difficult to do at the same time as preserving the relationship. The following are some things that you should consider doing.

Be honest and up front with the agent

Unclear communication is usually the cause of a dispute, and good communication can often solve it. Explain the situation to the agent and see if there is some sort of agreement that you can come to.

Go to the top

If you are dissatisfied by the way that you are being treated by the real estate agent, you should make sure that their manager knows the issue. Contact the agent’s supervisor and try to resolve things within the company.

Consider your legal options

If the real estate agent is not taking your issues seriously, this is no time to back down. You should look into the law and consider whether they have breached the contracted or engaged in some type of malpractice. Going through litigation is likely to help you gain the damages that you deserve.

Make sure that you take action to assert your legal rights if you have lost money due to the actions of your real estate agent.