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I appreciated the professional approach that Roger and Rye maintained with my family. They listened and advised my family with an understanding of the dynamics that existed within a complicated and emotional family experience. Their interaction with other professionals and family members was always professional and kind. I do wish that I engaged them earlier.


Dear Roger, Kayden, Rye and Jessica: Words will never express the gratitude I feel for everything you all did for me and my family. You are all truly gifted and compassionate people. You are extraordinary in your expertise. Without you I never would have won this case and my mother’s (and even my stepfather’s) wishes would not have been realized. I’m sure they are thankful from heaven for you as well. Roger – there were many times when I wanted to give up… when my spirit felt broken and you were unwavering in your support of me and my case. And you were right all along. God bless you. Thank you all from the depths of my heart.

I did a search on google and came across several law firms that did not meet my expectations. Until I came across Buffington Law Firm. We have a family owned business and needed legal services for a breach of contract case. We met with Roger for a consultation and from the get go he was very straightforward and detail-oriented. What I admired the most was he did not sugar coat anything about our case. Roger went through the X and Y and was very knowledgeable. My partner and I knew Buffington Law Firm was the perfect selection to represent our case. Roger was extremely thorough, gave honest advices which resulted in a fair settlement of our case. The office staff was always professional, easy to communicate with pleasant and kind. Thank you to Roger and the entire Buffington Law Firm team for the outstanding service and for treating us like family.


My sister and I met with Roger Buffington for a free consultation and left his office feeling more than confident that he is the Lawyer we would want to represent us if our trust ends up in litigation. He is extremely knowledgeable with over 20 yrs of experience and explained every step we would go through should we end up in court. Thank you for your time Roger and for making us feel so comfortable while in your office.


Thank you to Buffington Law Firm for the outstanding job they did for me when I needed someone to help me when I didn’t know where to go, Matt is there for me during a difficult situation. Their hard work and understanding were above and beyond anything I could have imagined and I am greatful to have had them on my team. They did an outstanding job and were very well prepared and their hard work proved itself in the courtroom.

Thank you again Buffington Law Firm


It’s unfortunate but the Calif legal system is not cheap to be a client in. Buffington got us a great result for our fees. I’ll refer anyone to them that’s looking for a quality OC law firm.


I wanted to send you all my sincere thanks for your hard work on the case. Your legal insight and instinct proved correct, you were extremely reachable, and the communication was excellent. I’m a very satisfied customer, and should I have further legal needs in California down the line, I will definitely reach out to you again.

Gerardo from NY

Roger and his team are excellent to work with. I can always count on them to give me the information I’m looking for quickly and accurately. Roger presents information in a “matter of fact” manner and is very to the point, he always explains things so that the lay person can understand the situation easily. He is also very reasonable when it comes to billing and I always feel I can call him to run something by him without the meter running. I’ve recommended his office to family and friends and they have all been very happy with his service. Highly recommended!

Renee G.

Roger Buffington and his law firm are trustworthy and a huge find. We were involved in a complicated case that was exaggerated by previous attorneys to their benefit letting it drag on and on. You won’t get that here. Roger has a true understanding of the law and took personal interest in taking us on with positive results every step of the way. He is a strong litigator and was unrelenting in his pursuit of our best interests. He knows what he is talking about and welcomes brainstorming with his clients in providing strategic options. I never had a hard time reaching him or anyone else in his office. His firm is well connected and up to speed at all times. Everyone needs an attorney like Roger and his firm on their side.

Dana M.

Roger is an exemplary attorney who is extremely proficient at real estate law and trial litigation. I would whole heartedly recommend Roger & his team to anyone who is in need of sound legal advice and / or a strong defense. Thank you Roger!

Terry T.

Two years ago when I was in need of an attorney to represent me in a complex business matter, one of my friends recommended Roger J. Buffington of Buffington Law Firm. He said that he had a case with Mr. Buffington and was able to observe him in court and was extremely impressed by his knowledge, and the way he handled himself in court. I am so happy that Roger agreed to represent me in my own case. We just finished our trial in Federal Court, and I was very impressed by the way he performed on my behalf. Roger was always there for me no matter what time of the day it was, and returned every single phone call I made to him promptly ( believe me I made a lot of calls). At the trial Roger was thoroughly prepared and prosecuted my case vigorously and competently. If you are looking for an attorney that has the knowledge, and is always on top of every aspect of your case, I recommend Roger and Buffington Law Firm. Good luck with your legal needs, and do not worry if you have Roger J. Buffington on your side.

Mehri S.

“Roger is a dedicated attorney who works hard for his clients and takes a personal interest in them and their matters. He is very intelligent and analytical. He often tackles difficult and complex litigated matters in state and federal court aggressively and professionally and he has achieved continual success over the years. He has a following of loyal clients who continually return for new matters as they arise, which is probably the best testament to his success as an attorney. His bachelor’s degree, MBA, JD and his background as a CPA and as a former controller of a large corporation also provide him with insight into accounting issues which often crop up in business litigation. I recommend that you speak to Roger the next time that you or someone in your network is in need of legal services that you give him an opportunity to show you that he provides high quality legal services at reasonable hourly rates.”

Henry L.

Roger & Jessica,

I just wanted to THANK YOU all for all of your hard work throughout this entire process! I just wanted to thank you again also for working with me to make this happen and seeing it all the way through to the end. Your commitment and professionalism has been there from start to finish and I can’t thank you all enough. Roger you can be “grumpy” at times but you are AWESOME! You’ve “only been wrong once” (in 1969) and with the BRILLIANT closing argument you gave yesterday now I know why! you are young but so talented and you have a bright future ahead of you! You did an AMAZING job at trial! Jessica, you have always been courteous, sweet, and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better team and I have no regrets, no matter what the outcome is.

Thanks again!


My father and I had a really tough situation to deal with. When my aunt had to be moved into a facility, because she had Alzheimer’s and her husband had passed away, we discovered that her husband had somehow tricked her into signing over everything to him and his children. We had done all of the work of cleaning her house and preparing to sell it for her, and we felt helpless. His children had taken all the paperwork and checkbooks, so we couldn’t get access to her accounts to pay for her care. I called her husband’s daughter and she told me that she hated my aunt and wasn’t going to take care of her and that it was up to my father and I. It was clear that his kids weren’t going to care for her, they just wanted the money. Her estate would go to two people who hated her when my father and I were the ones who loved her, did all of the work for her, took care of her and visited her.

We talked to three different lawyers and no one would take our case. My dad called the BBB and they recommended Roger of Buffington Law. When my dad first called Roger, his secretary Jessica was on a break, so Roger answered the phone, so it was all very serendipitous. My dad explained the pickle we were in and told us to come on down to his office. We had to prove that she was not in her right mind when she signed the paper. He was honest and told us that it would be a difficult case and hard to prove.

Roger was very patient with us and helped us to be well-prepared for what to expect in court. His style in court is claim, he’s not a screamer. The other lawyer was a bulldog and kept going after my father and our witnesses, which is what we expected. I really appreciated how good he was with my dad and our other witnesses who were all a bit older. He is kind and respectful.

In the end, after a lot of work, the judge believed us. We came away feeling like we had been well-represented. The entire process was time-consuming and we didn’t get a penny, but we were able to pay for my aunt’s expenses and keep his children away from monies that were rightly hers.

I’d highly recommend Roger and his organization. Everyone there was great. Attorneys did a lot of research and went to court with us every time. Jessica was great too, and kept up interactions with us. This was an awful situation and I would never wish this experience on anybody! However, with that said, if you have to go through something like this, Buffington Law is the place to turn to for support. Roger definitely had our best interests at heart. He stuck with us for two years of subpoenas and court appearances! You can’t beat the personal attention you get there. Even though I have bad memories of the whole ordeal, I can’t help but to be thankful for Roger and his staff. They really took care of us and treated us with great respect.

Linda J. & Arthur G.

My experience with Buffington Law was great. They were on time and Jessica was pretty good about returning my phone calls and emails. I was very pleased with the outcome. They will fight for you!

The value of Buffington Law’s service was great. They also really worked with me on their availability, so that was good too. They’re really great! I recommend them if people ask for any recommendations for a good lawyers because they are really good lawyers, especially Roger. He was great! He was very caring, and he took the matter very seriously. He strongly cared for the case.

Anonymous Client