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Buffington Law Firm’s Free Consultation Process

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Trust & Estate Litigation

Buffington Law Firm’s practice areas encompass business litigation, real estate litigation, and trust/estate/elder law litigation. We also handle assault-and-battery lawsuits. Our Firm is experienced in handling jury trials, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediations. If you believe that you have a meritorious lawsuit within our Firm’s practice areas, or if you are being sued, Buffington Law Firm will always offer a free, in-office consultation to discuss your case. The process for this is very straightforward. When you first telephone us, you will speak directly with a qualified attorney who will review the basic nature of your legal problem. So long as it appears that your case is one that falls within our Firm’s areas of expertise we will then invite you to make an appointment to come to our office, with relevant documents where applicable, for a free consultation with one of our senior attorneys. In this meeting we will discuss and examine your case in more depth.

At the in-office meeting our goal is to set the stage for two things. Firstly, we will discuss and review your case in more detail than is usually practicable on the telephone. We can review documents on a preliminary basis, discuss the case, and sometimes even arrange to speak with opposing counsel. Our goal in this first meeting is to evaluate whether we believe we can be helpful, i.e. determine whether the case falls within our areas of expertise. If your case is appropriate for our involvement we will outline to you what we believe the basic approach should be, and we will try to provide you with a cost estimate. Naturally, also during this meeting you can determine whether you believe our Firm represents a good fit for you. It then becomes your decision whether you wish to retain us. There is never any obligation.

Attorney-client privilege attaches to all free consultations. Attorney-Client privilege essentially provides and ensures that anything you tell the attorney, and anything that the attorney tells you, is confidential. This means that you can never be compelled to disclose the substance of the conversation, and we cannot and will not disclose it to anyone either, without your permission and without a legitimate litigation objective pursuant to our representation of you. This is important because the client must be (and can be) confident that any frank discussions about the case can never be learned of or used by the opposing side. Such frank discussions enable us to properly evaluate the case and advise you.

If you have a situation involving litigation it is important that you receive legal advice. Through our free legal consultation process you can do this without incurring any obligation whatever.