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What Is Business Fraud?

The Buffington Law Firm team of experienced business litigation attorneys has broad experience in aggressively representing clients in all forms of business disputes, particularly those involving some form of commercial and business fraud. Call us today for a free consultation at 714-450-6568.

Business fraud cases involve a form of business dispute that goes beyond an ordinary breach of contract situation. Generally, fraud exists in a business transaction in which there are either material false statements by one side, which the other side relies upon to its harm, or intentional omissions of material facts by one side. There are an unlimited number of ways that business fraud can occur in a business transaction but the one common element is that the side committing the fraud has acted dishonestly. Business fraud often happens in transactions involving the purchase and sale of a business, real estate transactions, and many contractual disputes.

At Buffington Law Firm, our business litigation attorneys and staff have strong backgrounds in business and finance which gives our firm a unique ability to analyze business transactions and build or defend a case involving allegations of business fraud. Two members of our team hold Master of Business Administration degrees and the firm’s Managing Attorney, Roger J. Buffington, is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience as a corporate executive.

Our team of experienced business litigation attorneys has successfully and aggressively taken many business fraud cases to court. In 2011 the firm achieved several multimillion-dollar judgments for consequential and punitive damages, as well as large negotiated settlements against several businesses and individuals who had operated a real estate investment fraud ring. In many other cases our firm has successfully recovered high-dollar damages for its clients in cases in which the defendants had committed various forms of business fraud.

Our business litigation attorneys are also experienced at providing an aggressive defense in cases in which one side makes unfounded allegations of business fraud. Our business litigation team has repeatedly achieved “walk away” verdicts and settlements for our clients in cases involving claims of business fraud.

If you have a case involving business fraud, call us today for a free consultation at 714-450-6568. In every consultation, you will speak to an experienced business litigation attorney, and we will evaluate your case and provide you with recommendations at no charge.