Tortious Interference

Tortious influence is willfully interfering with a business contract or business activity of another. When does lawful business activity cross the line to tortious interference? Generally, there must be a willful act of interference that causes financial harm to another party.

At Buffington Law Firm, PC, our business litigation attorneys are well-versed in business tort law and can protect your rights in a tortious interference lawsuit. We have a proven record of success handling business fraud claims and claims involving unfair competition for clients in Orange County and throughout California.

Experienced Representation For Tortious Interference Claims

Tortious influence can involve interfering with existing business relationships as well as potential business relationships. Common examples of tortious interference include:

  • Tortious interference of a contract: When one party commits a wrongful act that interferes with the business contract of two other parties.
  • Tortious interference of business: False claims and other tactics that interfere with a competitor’s business and drive customers away.

If you believe someone interfered with your business or a business contract, our attorneys can help you explore legal remedies. If you have been accused of tortiously interfering with the business or customers of another, we can defend your rights and your reputation.

Tortious Interference Attorneys In Orange County

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