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Violations Of Noncompete Agreements

At Buffington Law Firm, our Orange County business trial lawyers have handled many business lawsuits dealing with disputes over non-competition agreements. Noncompete agreements, or noncompete disclosures, are commonly established between employers and employees. The purpose of these agreements is to protect the company from harmful competition and divulging of trade secrets by the departing employee.

Oftentimes, disputes arise over the scope and enforceability of noncompete agreements. If you are engaged in such a dispute, the attorneys at Buffington Law Firm, PC, are here to protect your rights. We handle a broad range of unfair competition litigation for clients throughout California.

Is Your Noncompete Agreement Enforceable?

California Business & Professions Code Section 16600 invalidates most non-competition agreements other than those that arise in the context of a sale of a business. For this reason, California courts are especially prone to dismissing noncompete agreements, although other states give them more weight.

Common elements of a noncompete agreement include:

  • Restrictions on starting a similar business within a certain geographic area
  • Divulging of trade secrets
  • Protecting client lists

The legal system places a high value on an individual’s right to earn a living, especially in California. On the other hand, if an employee takes the confidential trade secrets of the employer with him or her, this can be legally actionable.

Noncompete Agreement Lawyers In Orange County

If you are engaged in a dispute over a noncompete/non-competition agreement, the lawyers at Buffington Law Firm, PC, are here to protect your rights and interests. Contact us at 714-450-6568 or toll free at 800-835-2447 to speak with one of our experienced business litigation lawyers in Orange County.