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Encroachment Problems. Real Estate encroachment problems are common in Orange County and throughout Southern California. These problems can arise when one party begins to treat your property as though it were theirs. Sometimes this happens when a neighbor builds a wall or fence that encompasses a part of your property. Sometimes someone builds a driveway, or even a road, that passes onto your property without your permission. These problems are serious and generally if they occur you should speak to an attorney without delay. If left uncorrected, over time under certain circumstances you can lose ownership rights to your own property. Our team of real estate litigation attorneys has successfully represented clients in both residential encroachment cases as well as in encroachment cases involving commercial property. In one recent case, we were able to completely defeat a 30-year-old encroachment at a very early stage of the case, restoring our client’s rights to her property which had been encroached for decades. In another case, we obtained monetary compensation for our client in a situation involving encroachment against our client’s property by one of Riverside County’s largest commercial developers.

If someone is encroaching upon your property it is very important that you do not ignore the encroachment or allow it to persist after you discover it. In real estate disputes, as in most litigation, “delay is death.” Call Buffington Law Firm, PC for a free consultation at 714-450-6568 if you believe that you have a legal problem involving encroachment against your property. At no charge, you may speak to one of our experienced real estate litigation attorneys to evaluate your situation. You may also wish to review our Frequently Asked Questions and What to Do If You Have a Legal Claim? articles.

Quiet Title Actions. “Quiet Title” actions are claims designed to correct imperfections against your title to your property. These claims arise when there are competing claims to ownership or use of a specific parcel of property. Sometimes a hostile adjacent landowner is claiming certain rights involving your property. Sometimes the “chain of title” to your property is clouded by accidental or otherwise improper deed conveyances. In other instances there may be invalid liens or other types of encumbrances upon your property that someone has recorded. Inheritance disputes sometimes result in the need for a Quiet Title action. At Buffington Law Firm, our real estate litigation attorneys have extensive experience in both bringing and defending against Quiet Title actions for both individual homeowners and within the context of commercial property disputes. Our Orange County real estate litigation attorneys can help you eliminate invalid claims against your property by means of a Quiet Title action or other appropriate litigation methods. Call us for a free consultation with one of our real estate litigation attorneys at 714-450-6568. Do not delay!